Nut Processing

Top Notch Macadamias (2017) Ltd offers an extensive processing service.

This service starts, with having received the N.I.S (Nut In Shell) from the grower at around 13% MC (Moisture Content).  We then dry the NIS down to the required 3% MC, as advised by International Macadamias Ltd Australia, in our 1.5 ton digitally controlled drying bins.

Once our digital display indicates the NIS is ready to be cracked, we open a shoot at the bottom of the drying bin, which gravity feeds the NIS onto an elevator for transportation up to our industrial cracker.

After passing through the nut cracker, the mixture of shell and kernel pass through stage 1 of our sorting process which allows us to get the majority of shell out of the sequence, but also helps to start the separation process across the different grades.

The kernel is then fed down to a sorting belt where a team of highly skilled workers pick out any excess shell along with seconds grade kernel.  These workers are also looking for any imperfections on the kernel and are then removing those from the first grade kernel.

Our final step in the processing journey is our quality assurance.  We have one of our team sifting through all of the sorting bins looking for anything unsatisfactory that may have gotten through, and remove it.  Once the quality assurance officer is happy that the entire lot of kernel is up to Top Notch standard, we bag the different styles into heavy duty foil bags.  These bags are then placed into an industrial MultiVac machine, where they are nitrogen flushed, vacuum packed, heat sealed and cool stored ready for collection.

For all your processing requirements (including the bulk purchase of NIS from other New Zealand growers) please contact the team at Top Notch Macadamias (2017) Ltd.