About Us

Top Notch Macadamias is situated 400 metres off S.H 27 between Ngatea and Morrinsville. The orchard enjoys an elevated site that is North facing and provides a micro-climate ideal for a flourishing Macadamia Orchard.  The property takes in panoramic views of the Hauraki Plains and Coromandel Ranges.  Here at Top Notch we are proud of our product, and it’s quality. We have invested heavily in machinery and processing equipment to ensure that the end product is of superior quality.


Takes place over the months of June July August & September. The nuts are hand harvested and while harvesting the trees receive their annual pruning. This ensures the trees have an abundance of sun and air to promote a healthy crop each year.


The trees are fertilized Autumn & Spring . Soil and foliage samples are taken every second year to ensure nutrients are maintained at optimum levels. Macadamia trees require sufficient nutrition in advance of cropping as the production of oil within the Macadamia nut has a huge draw on the tree’s nutrition reserves.


Top Notch Macadamias is a spray free zone.  Here at Top Notch we encourage birds to do our pest control for us.  We feed and encourage a massive variety of native birds and wild ducks, pheasants, quail etc.


When harvesting, our Macadamias are dehusked within 24 hours of picking and are then put directly into drying bins in 1.5 tonne bulk amounts.  Our drying system was imported from South Africa and is computer monitored 24 hours a day. This ensures the nuts are dried at the right temperature and within the right time frame. The processing factory was designed and built to encorporate an airgap within the ceiling that allows warm air to be ducted through into the bins thus using natural stored heat for the drying process.

When dry the nuts are then conveyed to the cracker and the kernel and shell are separated using a McIntyre Engineering Air Leg Separator. The kernel is also graded in the tumbler and then conveyed to quality control conveyor in size lanes where any damaged kernel is removed. The whole kernel & half kernels are also separated.